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SCGREA Apprasial, Appraiser
GAA RAA Apprasial, Appraiser

Toohey Real Estate and Appraisals, LLC appraises all types of commercial and residential properties for many different client needs. Our focus is to make your appraisal process quick and seamless while providing the service that has earned us the highest reputation in quality work from our dedicated business partners and clients.

At Toohey Real Estate and Appraisals, LLC we understand the urgency in providing credible and accurate reports. That is why we have built our reputation on the reliability of our timely and accurate valuations to help assist with the clients needs.

  • Mortgage Financing

  • Re-Financing

  • PMI Removal 

(and  more)

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Toohey Real Estate and Appraisals, LLC is trusted for being unbiased, impartial and objective. Lawyers and accountants rely on our unbiased consulting services to determine the strength of an appraisal or to challenge an opposing party’s appraisal assumptions or conclusions. Our expert witness testimony, litigation support and supporting analyses helps settle cases, should they go to court. Toohey Real Estate and Appraisers, LLC has a long history of assisting those in the legal and accounting professions with resolving common problems relating to real property valuation and land use, including:

  • Legal and Litigation Cases (Divorce Mediation) 

  • Valuation for Tax Appeal Cases

  • Relocation Valuation Cases

  • Estate Settlement Valuations

(and  more)

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